Business sectors

Our fields of activity:

  • Iron industry

    Blast furnaces, air heaters and hot air piping, coke batteries, chimneys

  • Steel industry

    Pig iron mixer, low furnaces, pusher furnaces, rocker bar furnaces, converters, bogie hearth furnaces, hammer furnaces, chimneys, annealing furnaces

  • Metal working industry

    Al-, Cu-melting furnaces, annealing furnaces, heat retaining furnaces, rotary roasting furnaces, galvanizing furnaces, chimneys

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

    Deck furnaces, vertical furnaces, tubular rotary furnaces, roasting furnaces, cracking furnaces, reactors, Claus-, butadiene plants, Resco linings, distillation furnaces, fluid bed furnaces, chimneys

  • Cement and lime industry

    Rotary tubular furnaces, vertical furnaces, heat exchanger plants

  • Ceramic and magnesit industry

    Tunnel furnaces, drying kilns, bogie hearth furnaces, ball mills, chimneys

  • Power plant industry

    Chimneys, boiler linings, flue gas ducts, return shafts, burners

  • Waste removal plant

    Special waste incineration plants, combustion chamber linings, reactor linings, chimney

  • Sugar industry

    Lime kilns, drying plants, boilers, chimneys

  • Wood industry, cellulose industry, paper industry

    Lye boilers, bark gasification plants, bark combustion plants, stepped grate furnaces fluid bad furnaces (stationary, circulating and turbo fluid beds)

  • Glass industry

    Glass trough furnaces, annealing furnaces, ethylene plants, chimneys

  • Hazardous waste incineration

    Human cremators, animal incinerator